Master Chief Drawing

2007-11-21 19:18:04 by The-Happy-Pill

I made everything except for the symbol in the background.

Master Chief Drawing


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2007-11-21 20:47:57

Pretty good. Too bad it's a trace and counts for nothing :/


2007-11-21 22:50:52

and Aj get fucked by a goat how can you not kno9w who he is?

The-Happy-Pill responds:

He's just jealous...


2007-11-23 21:48:45

Jesus holding a dinosaur, haha. Earth only a couple of ten thousand years old, I get it!

The-Happy-Pill responds:

OMG! i never realized the statement that the picture makes, about how old Earth is, no sarcasm intended at all... Thanks!


2007-11-24 14:58:27

DUUUUUUUDE thats sweet. A lot better then the one you did at my house XD but you need to animate that & it will be the shit.

The-Happy-Pill responds:

I'm going to once I seperate the different parts and stuff.


2008-01-08 19:39:45

It looks good, but did you trace it?

The-Happy-Pill responds: